Saturday, June 25, 2011

Height Of Loneliness

She dialled his number for the tenth consecutive time. Still, her call was on waiting. She clutched the receiver to her ear and kept listening as the automated voice repeated the same message in various languages, 'the user is busy on another call...' she smiled bitterly, thinking, 'Someone has the time to speak with me.'

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P.S. Can anyone tell me a good site to download free pictures? Yes, I have been living under a rock! :P


  1. Nice story.. Thats so true.. its very irritating when someone we want to talk to are 'busy on another call'
    For pictures, I usually use corbis or inmagine. :)

  2. u can try for pics. Plain google pics is good too...just tht u hav to search a lot.

  3. Thank you girls for helping me out about the pictures :)

  4. Goddd! i soooo hate call waitings! damn annoying n more so wen ur runnin on a deadline!
    cute n curt :)

    for pics- my fvrt is- dusn hav an elaborate collection bt u cn b assured of quality stuff

  5. call waitings are always sooo annnoying!! :X
    For pics .. u can go to :)

  6. Hii Migha,
    A great blog and some nice articles as well..Here is an article which can guide you to find free copyright free images.

  7. Thank you people... now get ready to see some pictures with the words! :)


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